eQ Euro Short Term

Trade times

Please Note: Transactions to eQ Funds are available from Finnish pages

Fund units can be redeemed and subscribed on every Finnish banking day.
Subscription notification must be made available and the subscription payment paid to the Fund Management Company by 18.00 on the subscription date.
Redemption notification must be made available to the Fund Management Company by 12.00 on the redemption date.


Subscription fee 0,00 %
Redemption fee 0,00 %
Transfer fee 0,00 %
Management fee Series 1 K 0,25 %

Fund brochures and rules

Please contact asiakaspalvelu(at) for brochures and rules.
Mutual Fund eQ Euro Short Term (UCITS) is an actively managed money market fund investing in short duration interest bearing euro denominated securities with high credit quality in the opinion of the portfolio manager. The maturities of investments are under one year. The fund was named eQ Money Market until 8.8.2018.

eQ Euro Short Term is a suitable alternative for investors looking for return from interest bearing instruments with low risk. The recommended investment horizon is a minimum of three months.

Fund Values

Profit %
Change 1 month -0,06 %
Change 3 months -0,14 %
Change 6 months -0,27 %
Change YTD -0,03 %
Change 1 year -0,53 %
Annual 3 year profit -0,35 %
Key figures
Max/min 12 months 138,39/137,66
Max/min 3 years 139,13/137,66
Volatility 1 month 0,04
Volatility 1 year 0,03

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.