Trade times

Please Note: Transactions to eQ Funds are available from Finnish pages

Fund units can be redeemed and subscribed on every Finnish banking day.
Subscription notification must be made available and the subscription payment paid to the Fund Management Company by 12.00 on the subscription date.

Redemption notification must be made available to the Fund Management Company by 12.00 on the redemption date.


Subscription fee 0,00 %
Redemption fee 0,00 %
Transfer fee 0,00 %
Management fee Series 1 K 0,5 % Series 1 T 0,5 %
Fund contains other fees as well. Check KID.

Fund brochures and rules

Please contact asiakaspalvelu(at) for brochures and rules.

eQ Europe Stock Index Fund is a passively managed special investment fund that invests in the European equity markets.

The fund’s assets are invested in the Vanguard European Stock Index Fund managed by Vanguard Investments Europe SA, registered and supervised in Ireland. The target fund is an index fund according to the UCITS Directive, based on an equity portfolio tracking the MSCI Europe Net Return Index.

The fund’s MSCI Europe Net Return benchmark index does not take sustainability risks or sustainability factors into account. Since the fund’s investment strategy is to follow the index, sustainability factors are not taken into account in the fund’s investment decisions. However, the fund monitors good governance at the companies invested in and influences it as necessary.

Further information about the fund’s investment process and the methods and criteria used for monitoring the realisation of the goal of the investment activities, is described in eQ Europe Stock Index Fund’s fund prospectus.

Fund Values

1 m -1,16 %
3 m 3,57 %
Year to date 9,65 %
12 m 14,18 %
3 y p.a. 7,60 %
Annual 5,78 %
2023 15,71 %
2022 -9,59 %
2021 25,01 %
2020 -3,49 %
2019 26,19 %
Volatility 12 months 9,80 %

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.