Three eQ funds Receive Lipper Fund Awards for European Equity Investments

eQ Asset Management is pleased to announce that three of its funds have been honored with LSGE 2024 Lipper Fund Awards in the Nordics for their exceptional performance in European equity investments.

eQ Finland Fund received the Award in the Finnish equities category for its outstanding performance over the past five and ten years. eQ Europe Dividend Fund was honored for its performance over the ten year period and eQ Nordic Small Cap Fund over the five year period. The awards were based on risk-adjusted returns.

Anne Dave Dicken

 ‘’We are proud of the recognition received by our funds. The awards reflect the dedication and expertise of our team in European equities. eQ Finland Fund is managed by Anne Brusila (on the middle), eQ Europe Dividend Fund by Dick Lund (on the left) and eQ Nordic Small Cap Fund by Davit Kantola (on the right). These funds are actively managed bottom up stock picking strategies. Europe is one of the key areas in eQ’s portfolio management and a very important region in the asset allocation of our clients. Therefore, broad success in these categories feels very rewarding’’, concludes Veli-Pekka Heikkinen, Head of Portfolio Management at eQ Asset Management.

Earlier this year, eQ Finland received a Morningstar Award. eQ Europe Dividend also received Lipper Awards in 2021 and 2022.

eQ has 25 funds registered in Finland, out of which eight are internally managed active equity funds