All our asset management solutions can be linked to the life insurance policies. A life insurance policy combines individual asset management service and the benefits of a life insurance policy to the private individuals.  We have also offer capital redemption bond policies, which are more suitable for corporate clients.

Both, a life insurance policy and capital redemption bond are suitable for an investor with a long investment horizon. These insurance products are well known and acknowledged by Finnish insurance and tax legislation in Finland and they offer additional benefits to the investors comparing to the investors privately own portfolio. There are ability to make additional investments or surrenders all the time.

Investment activities on the underlying assets within these policies are not subject to capital income tax in proportion of the gains. When the policy is surrendered fully or partially it will be subject to capital income tax in proportion to the gains on the policy at the time of surrender.

In the event of death of the life assured (concerns a life insurance only) death benefit payments are subject to inheritance tax when the payments are made to the next of kin of the life assured. Death benefit payments paid to other than next of kin will constitute a taxable capital income.

eQ Life Oy is an insurance agent registered into the Register of the Insurance Intermediaries maintained by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. eQ Life Oy represents the following insurance companies:

  • Vakuutusosakeyhtiö Henki-Fennia (domicile Suomi)
  • Lombard International Assurance S.A. (domicile Luxemburg)
  • LähiTapiola Keskinäinen Henkivakuutusyhtiö (domicile Suomi)
  • SEB Life International Assurance Company DAC (domicile Ireland)
  • Wealins S.A. (domicile Luxemburg)
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