eQ Plc is a listed Finnish company specialising in asset management and corporate finance business.

eQ’s business segments are Asset Management, Corporate Finance and Investments.

Asset Management

The Asset Management segment consists of eQ Plc’s subsidiary, eQ Asset Management Ltd and other Group companies engaged in asset management operations, the most important of which is eQ Fund Management Company Ltd. eQ Asset Management Ltd provides good investment products, innovative investment solutions and excellent customer service to its clients. eQ offers a wide range of investment solutions managed by our own dedicated team of investment professionals and our global partners.

eQ offers services related to mutual and private equity funds, discretionary asset management, investments insurance policies and a wide range of mutual funds managed by our global partners. eQ offers a wide range of actively managed and successful mutual funds by applying various strategies for a well-diversified set of investment opportunities. eQ’s fund range consists of self-managed mutual funds registered in Finland as well as funds managed by our global partners, covering all major asset classes and markets globally. The mutual funds are divided into equity, fixed-income, balanced and real estate funds, based on the investment objective.

Corporate Finance

eQ’s corporate finance services are offered by eQ Plc’s subsidiary Advium Corporate Finance Ltd. The services cover mergers and acquisitions, large real estate transactions, equity capital markets and advisory services in general. The clients are mainly Finnish companies making corporate or real estate transactions in Finland and abroad, but also international companies engaged in corporate or real estate transactions in Finland. Advium was established in 2000 and is highly esteemed and one of the most experienced advisors in Finland. More information about Advium is available on www.advium.fi


The business operations of the Investments segment consist of private equity and real estate fund investments made from the own balance sheet of eQ Group. eQ only makes new investments in the funds managed by eQ.